Meet the owner


Scott Taylor

Scott has been a Eureka California resident his whole life a with multitude of knowledge about local history and events. Scott has been in the construction and landscaping business his whole life. Let him help you figure out the material you need to fix your driveway, make a beautiful slate path or add value to your back yard. One of the friendliest men you will meet!

A little history

Taylor's Landscaping Supplies was started in 1990 by Scott and Joyce Taylor with the goal of providing the North Coast with the widest selection of landscaping supplies for all over the west coast and have continued to do so ever since. Starting out with only 3 materials, they have expanded to over 50 today.

In 2001 Taylor's moved from Hawthorne st. to its new and larger location at 1011B West Del Norte Street next to Quality Body works and a block away from Costco. Here they were able to flourish with a wider selection of new products and space to expand. Through the years, not only have they become known for having the largest selection of quality landscaping materials, but also the highest quality service and advice to get your garden or front yard in beautiful condition.

U-Tote Concrete

Got a muddy section next to the house or want to put in that paved driveway you always wanted? Why pay a contractor when you can do it yourself and save! U-tote concrete is simple: We fill a trailer with up to a yard and a quarter of concrete, connect it to your puck-up or SUV and you take it to the job-site to pour yourself. Don't know what to do or how much you need? We have knowledgeable staff that can help you out with all your concrete questions.

Here's whats required:

  • A vehicle with a hitch and a 2inch ball (or rent a 2inch ball)
  • Proof of insurance for the towing vehicle
  • Trailers cannot stay out overnight
  • Trailers cannot exceed 45 mph
  • Trailers cannot be disconnected from the vehicle at any time


Don't have a pick-up truck or way of transporting the material? Have it delivered! We have offered deliveries since day one. We deliver anywhere in the Humboldt, Mendocino, Del Norte and Trinity Counties in quantities ranging from 1 to 30 yards in a single trip. Deliveries can be called-in or you can come down and look at the material before you order. Our driver has been delivering in the area for over 30 years and wont be lost by even the most distant and obscure locations. Deliveries only require that a Large dump truck be able to fit into the location. 

Green Waste

We now accept green waste! Bring in your grass clippings, sod or used potting soil and have them recycled for a small fee.

Trailer Rentals

Dont want to put the material in the back of your truck? Rent a trailer. Trailers can carry more than the average pick-up and dump to make it easier to unload when you get to your job site. All rules for Concrete trailers apply for rental trailers including the need for insurance.

Quantities available

All of our materials are offered in 1/2 and full yard increments and are loaded into the back of your pick-up truck using a back-hoe*. If 1/2 yard is to much for your needs, material can also be purchase in 5 gallon bucket increments. We provide a bucket for measuring but please do not keep our buckets. Most people use black garbage bags and put the bags in there SUV or car. To make unloading and cleaning easier, we recommend that you place a tarp in the back of your pickup.

(We are not responsible for damage done while power loading)