Slate looks great in a pond with water cascading over it or as a beautiful pathway surrounded by Salt & Pepper Rock

Hand selected Cobble

Cobble is a great addition to any garden and looks great as a garden border or randomly placed for effect.

the largest selection of landscaping materials on the north coast

fir Bark

Fir Bark comes in 4 different sizes. It's a great product to put in those unsightly places to add color to your yard.

Salt & pepper rock

Salt & Pepper rock is imported into the area and some of the most beautifully smooth rocks around

Smooth river rock

Smooth River Rock is hand selected from a single river and some of the most beautiful river rock you'll find

Crushed Clean Rock

Crushed Clean Rock is offered in 3 sizes and is great for a pathway

Redwood Chips

Redwood Chips are sometimes called playground chips as they are the same chips that are used for kids playgrounds.


Shredded bark

Shredded Bark is a great addition to any garden or pathway when you want to add some color.


Boulders are a great addition to a corner of your yard or to block a pathway

Base Rock

Base Rock is the perfect solution to lay down before you pour a concrete slab in order to stabilize the ground


Perlite is a great addition to any soil. Use it as an additive to the soil to add nutrients and beauty to your plants

decomposed granite

Decomposed Granite packs almost as hard as concrete and is an excellent alternative for a driveway or pathway.


We now sell stacked Fir and Oak firewood.

Black Lava rock

Black Lava rock is a great border rock that will spruce up the lawn or garden while looking better than the average grey rock.


Sand is great to put between slate and bricks so they dont move

Soil Mix

Soil Mix is our highest quality soil. Its a great mixed soil that is free of sticks and dirt clods in order to let your plants grow

#3 River Rock

#3 rock is roughly 1.5" in diameter and a great rock for drainage.

Organic Compost

Our All Organic Compost is a great addition to any flower bed and will help your plants grow big and strong

P Gravel

P gravel is our smallest river rock. P gravel is great for drainageor a pathways

#2 Rock

#2 rock is roughly 3/4" in diameter and is a perfect rock for adding to the bottom of a planter to let water drain out

White Rock

White is a hard color for mother nature, but this example is brillient as a backdrop to bright flowers

Gold rock

Gold Rock is a wonderfully colored rock that shines when watered and will make any garden come alive

Walk-On bark

Walk on bark is the perfect addition to that trail that you want to build. Like the name implies, this bark is for walking on

Red Lava Rock

Red Lava Rock is offered in two different sizes for everyone's needs. It looks great as an accent to your garden or house.

Rustic bricks

Rustic bricks are a great way of adding color to your garden. They work great around planter boxes or tree trunks

Stepping stones

Stepping Stones perfect for making a pathway. Have them separated by Salt & Pepper rock for the perfect trail

Cinder blocks

Cinder Blocks are a load bearing block that is useful for walls, foundations or anything where weight might be an issue

Wall blocks

As the name implies, Wall Blocks are perfect for retaining walls or surrounds for tree trunks. They are offered in two colors

Compaction sand

Compaction Sand is used for roadways, trails or when you want a material that will pack hard

#4 River Rock

#4 rock is roughly 3-6" in diameter and is excellent for making paths or outlining features in the back yard